We specialise in designing gorgeous gifts that are both personal and meaningful whist conveying beautiful accents of your wedding day.

Whether you are the bride and groom or the entrusted wedding planner, our job is to work with you to develop the ultimate gift sets. We reject the idea of throw away, effortless favours and replace them with beautiful packages that enable your guests to remember the amazing experience that you have worked so hard to create.

Making the gifting process hassle free, means that you can continue to put all your effort into preparing the rest of the event.


 Natural Love

This project included bespoke gifts for the bridesmaids and maid of honour of a beautiful summer wedding. To continue the elegant rustic and white floral concept of the wedding decor we incorporated the use of natural textures and tones within the design.

The gift boxes were filled with vegan eco-friendly products, in line with the values of the couple. Lemongrass and lavender scents worthy of every luxury spa, paired with purely natural skincare items, curated the perfect relaxation recipe.


Wedding gifting

Welcome gifts, bridal party proposals, getaway packages and thank you gifts are just the beginning of what we offer. Our team will create the most thoughtful and memorable gifts extending your bridal design and personal branding.


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