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Made To Send is a London based bespoke service that specialises in curated gifts, managing the entire gifting process for businesses, weddings and private occasions.

Our purpose is to make gifting exciting, stylish and best of all easy! We believe that gifts have the power to enhance and restore relationships. Why limit a gift to the standard concept, when you can create something unique and personal, connecting better with the people you are thinking of. It is our endeavour to build gifts that your recipients will love whist removing the pressure from beginning to end.


Our purpose is to make gifting exciting, stylish and best of all easy!



Made To Send grew organically, out of a need to constantly find special gifts for loved ones and business clients. With a background in design and psychological wellbeing, our founder noticed a natural ability for creating fantastic gifts, quickly realising that gifting has the ability to strengthen bonds between both individuals and businesses.

What started off as giving thoughtful presents to others on occasion, snowballed into creating the perfect gift packages for those who want to reach someone, on a direct and personal level. Anyone can buy a product and wrap it but there is so much more to sending gifts that are impactful, memorable and thoroughly enjoyed. We have taken the concept of gifting and made it so much more. Every gift has a narrative, they share a message and connect people. That is the art in our work.


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At Made To Send we are conscious of doing our part to help the environment. Our signature boxes are all created to be keepsake items. They are easy to reuse yet also completely recyclable.

We have a huge list of brands who provide great quality, sustainable products and we are excited to recommend eco-friendly products to all of our clients. If you are looking for gifting options that are more environmentally conscious contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.


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